The patented technology behind EmergenceSC offers our ECS solution which modernizes the way elevator cabs connect to their monitoring centers. Based off a robust, ULC listed technology initially engineered for a fire-safety monitoring; the ECS utilizes internet based architecture to establish two-way communications between cab occupant(s) and monitoring personnel while also integrating completely with the monitoring center automation software to provide instantaneous and accurate account information. This provides numerous advantages over traditional phone-line based connectivity systems.

In current monitoring centers, when a call is received from a cab using a phone-line based connection, an operator must often trace a call’s location through a manual lookup, which leaves vulnerability to human error in identifying a call. Emergence partners with monitoring centers and provides the technology to transmit data pertaining to a call instantaneously and accurately to monitoring center personnel, ensuring there’s no potential human error and personnel save valuable time now directed to call resolution.

The connection between the elevator cab and ECS system is two-way encrypted. This means that data is strictly transmitted between the cab and monitoring center, with zero transmission elsewhere or vulnerability to tampering.

The ECS incorporates a cutting edge “Heartbeat” feature that consistently monitors the uptime of the system and can conduct daily tests of the system’s functionality. This can supplement the need for human verification by automatically sending email notification in the event of lost functionality.


Traditional EmergenceSC

Analog dial tone

Two way speech path

Monitoring center reporting

Monitoring Center integration (no human error)

One Provider Solution (streamlined billing)

Heartbeat monitoring for immediate outage notification

Automated Daily Tests

Automated Email Notification

Call Reporting